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Sharing the 5LINX Experience

As writers, we have a practical life with bills and laptops running out of power (juice) just as we are getting in the zone. My financial background has always kept me in the business world, navigating back and forth between crafting with words and crunching numbers.

Recently, I had an AHA moment when asked these simple questions:
1. When will you ever PAY OFF your Gas, Electric, Cellphone, Merchant Services, Home Security & Phone, Cable & Internet bills? 20 years? 40 years? Never?

2. Has any of your service providers rewarded you or anyone for your loyalty and monthly checks?

Technology and Deregulation has changed everything…Now WE can make money each time we pay our own bills and help others do the same. We can be affiliates, control and cut the cost of our business.

If rich celebrities and savvy business people like Russell Simons are signing up as representatives in Direct Sale Ventures like 5LINX, it’s because they understand the power of leverage and the wisdom of multiple streams of income. Financial mentors like Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and Robert Allen (No Money Down; Multiple Streams of Income) have long advised us to invest in Direct Sales and Cooperatives. There is strength in numbers.

Let’s talk about a ground breaking product : The Portable bluetooth charger and speaker –5LINX Powerplay. Now we can charge ANY device, EVERY device that has bluetooth technology, anywhere and it doesn’t need an AC outlet to recharge iPhones, Android devices, Laptops, iPads, iPods, Tablets. You’ll never run out of power or ever be found sitting on the floor in airports and hotel lobbies, hugging electrical sockets and it’s also a wireless loud-speaker to stream music and movies from your phone.
Quick Update: Here is a video of the new Powerplay 2

With this slick streamlined portable charger I can go to the park, the beach, my rocky secluded place surrounded by nature and write to my heart’s content.

Just as a dear colleague and friend introduced me to this opportunity, Check out the Website here. Watch the videos about an on-trend and visionary private company that has grown 800% in the last four years. Note the word ‘private’ – like Microsoft,Facebook and Amazon was – It’s projected and on track to be a Billion Dollar company in a few years.

Also watch the amazing 5LINX success stories and explore the possibilities of this opportunity, if you live in US or Canada. Also leave any questions for me on my website and I will be featuring some of the products and services on my blog. For now I’m excited about the 5LINX Powerplay and if you need a great portable charger, you’ve gotta check it out.

To Your Success,


See More information about the opportunity here.

PS: You can also contact me @


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