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Couture for Cloud Beings – A Poem

Couture for Cloud Beings - A Poem by Ama Danesi To think I could be invisible relieved from this pall of doom Dressed in a mass of veils - and adorn the skies and drenched in heaven's pearls. To go where divine ball-gowns are made with silver lining corsets, with stitches - the thinnest threads… Continue reading Couture for Cloud Beings – A Poem

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Waiters, Seasons and Unexpected Tranquility

Here's a thought, dreaming takes no effort. Anyone can plop their heads on a pillow at night and dream without a license. No-one should begrudge your precious bucket-list and if people close to you do, lose them as friends. When we are awake and basking in the sun, (assuming you live in California) or lost on a… Continue reading Waiters, Seasons and Unexpected Tranquility

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I Choose You Again – My Wild, My Rose

Are you camp "Old Fashioned" or "Fifty Shades of Grey"? This valentine we reflect on why we chose or love or hurt the one we are with. Pain is inevitable in love but not pain in self-depreciating shades. We forgive the edges in well-deployed words and actions that rip into old wounds, choosing to return to wild, breathless passion. Love… Continue reading I Choose You Again – My Wild, My Rose

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An Offering to the Wind – A Poem

An Offering to the Wind - A Poem by Ama Danesi. Girl in boots - alone, unafraid. Awaiting the chariot sure, delicate neck arched, an offering to the wind.

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Visible as Dawn 2 – A Haiku

Another Haiku Friday… Visible as Dawn 2 A Haiku by Ama Danesi The dare of tight coils and obstinate springs, free as air.