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The Aftermath – What Remains?

  The shaking is intended for certain heartbreak and our fainting. How do we deal with the aftermath?  The consequences of a significant unpleasant event lingers like a bitter aftertaste. It is the rumble left behind when our foundations are jolted out of alignment by an unexpected earthquake. It is when embedded chains even invisible to… Continue reading The Aftermath – What Remains?

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Unsightly Edges – A Poem

Unsightly Edges - A Poem By Ama Danesi There's a knock, a hesitant rap on my nape from pain that's testing, peering over my delicate collar-bone for a crack in my steely resolve. My need for more is a palmed heat. I'm done with squatters. He can still smell me in his nostrils. He lingers, a familiar high… Continue reading Unsightly Edges – A Poem