Giving to Live


“They throw caution to the winds,

Giving…in reckless abandon.

Their right-living, right-giving ways,

never run out, never wear out.”*

There are primarily two ways of administering our gifts to the world, as a matter of enthusiastic generosity or as a grudging obligation. Which defines your posture? Honestly, that’s about all we can control. I often find myself holding back when I prejudge or speculate about the reward as if I am entirely responsible for that. I find we can trust the blueprint and fearless design encoded in our being that gives rise to our natural abilities, to also amaze us with its commitment to reward our service and offerings beyond our expectations. A stingy farmer gets it stingy harvest but since many of us have sown love, laughter, care or blood, sweat, and tears; then as nature does, we must go through the process of seed, time, and harvest.

When we perceive the world as an inherited land, we can see ourselves as both the seed bearers and sowers. Imagine that every obstacle is an opportunity to learn from those who have gone before or time to color outside the lines. There’s a good reason why there are no easy, cookie-cutter answers to specific problems. Notably, those particular issues that test our enduring human spirit. University of Houston’s research professor and empathy advocate, Brené Brown encourages us to “Dare greatly.”

The best-selling author of Without Rival (2016) Lisa Bevere at the recent Confident Woman conference said, “Sometimes you have to stop looking around and look within because you’re supposed to do something that’s never been done before.” She asserts that we are not only unique, we are without rival. Therefore, in our authentic spaces, we bring an essence that can only be imitated but never duplicated.

We are all given something we can give away. Right-living demands we believe that. Right-giving requires a full commitment. Excuses are for wimps. I know that because I’ve held that office for some considerable time, but the ache of floundering snarls and nags at you like an addiction that will not quit till you either leaving as dead or show up as your authentic self. The lyric from the band, United Pursuit’s Let it Happen (2015) says, “You’re full of life now. And full of passion. That’s how he made you. Just let it happen.” Every seed planted in truth will grow, and every tree that shows up will have enough headroom to flourish.

On a practical level, I believe that today’s superheroes are entrepreneurs and visionaries. People with the drive to create, develop, refine, and nurture a crazy idea till it becomes an empire or offering that enriches the lives of others. Risks and profits considered, these are “doing” people. The scary part of the equation is actually doing something, putting something out there. Talk is not only cheap, but it’s also mediocre. It’s like putting your hand to the plow and looking back to the safe zone or the cozy couch –  the place without judgment and expectation – warm as an eagle’s nest to an oversized eaglet.

Let it happen. Verbs are the most potent expressions. They transform any passive line into an active and engaging one involving an action, the responsible party, and a reaction. My verb and doing word is “write, ” and because it comes easy, I often think it’s not valuable to anyone else. Now that’s a partial lie, applicable only to my journaling. Don’t buy into partial lies or let them stunt transformation. Greatness is not handed down, it is cultivated. If I want extraordinary results and life, then I have to work at writing, show up on the field and generously plant words as seeds. To others, the seed may be a new business, a new app, a sketch, a song, or another dance audition.

Final word to me and the wise – “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured to you.”** And that is so you never run or wear out. Find your verb and do it every day you are blessed to see the sunrise.

In service,



Image – Pixabay

2 Corth. 9:8 (MSG)

Luke 6:38 (NIV)


Query Ready

imagesI am holding on to this truth that ..”my gift makes room for me and brings me before great men and women…” (Prov. 18 v 16 paraphrased)

Everyone has a calling, a purpose and sometimes, even when you know exactly what it is, the realization and embrace of our dreams takes longer than anticipated, because it’s sometimes about seasons.

I subscribe to Writer’s Digest magazine because I get inspired and encouraged by Chuck Sambuchino’s “Breaking In” column highlighting notable debuts and it’s amazing to read the many pathways and very unique stories of how each first book came to life.

Getting and staying query ready is the main take away, because if my gift makes room for me, then I want it ready for “presentation”, packaged in a pretty gift box, and because I can afford it, adorned with Martha Stewart ribbons, pretty bows and delivery tags with elegant calligraphy …no one likes a gift in a brown paper bag. Ok, let me correct that, most editors insist on the standard brown package, but crave the thrill and  exhilarating feeling of unwrapping the unexpected treat words can deliver. In my mind, I see my words as shiny stepping-stones leading into a place, you dare not go alone…allowing me the privilege of walking with you, and together explore  and experience something new.

I love it when a book, a story, a song, a new entrée at my favorite restaurant or even a new handbag does that to me. Our gifts and unique talents were given and meant for sharing and gives special joy to others, the reward comes to us because we cared enough to share the Creator in us.

We should not live as “weeds”, but as trees planted by the rivers of water, fruitful in our season. Psalm 1 v 3. This post is as much for me, as it is for anyone reading this…Our seasons will unfold, because I know that God creates moments, people and the perfect opportunity for every gift seed He has planted. We just have to get ready to answer the questions, or call and be inspired to take the first step, get out those rusty tools…Now is our time to shine!

Getting Query Ready,