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Query Ready

imagesI am holding on to this truth that ..”my gift makes room for me and brings me before great men and women…” (Prov. 18 v 16 paraphrased)

Everyone has a calling, a purpose and sometimes, even when you know exactly what it is, the realization and embrace of our dreams takes longer than anticipated, because it’s sometimes about seasons.

I subscribe to Writer’s Digest magazine because I get inspired and encouraged by Chuck Sambuchino’s “Breaking In” column highlighting notable debuts and it’s amazing to read the many pathways and very unique stories of how each first book came to life.

Getting and staying query ready is the main take away, because if my gift makes room for me, then I want it ready for “presentation”, packaged in a pretty gift box, and because I can afford it, adorned with Martha Stewart ribbons, pretty bows and delivery tags with elegant calligraphy …no one likes a gift in a brown paper bag. Ok, let me correct that, most editors insist on the standard brown package, but crave the thrill and  exhilarating feeling of unwrapping the unexpected treat words can deliver. In my mind, I see my words as shiny stepping-stones leading into a place, you dare not go alone…allowing me the privilege of walking with you, and together explore  and experience something new.

I love it when a book, a story, a song, a new entrée at my favorite restaurant or even a new handbag does that to me. Our gifts and unique talents were given and meant for sharing and gives special joy to others, the reward comes to us because we cared enough to share the Creator in us.

We should not live as “weeds”, but as trees planted by the rivers of water, fruitful in our season. Psalm 1 v 3. This post is as much for me, as it is for anyone reading this…Our seasons will unfold, because I know that God creates moments, people and the perfect opportunity for every gift seed He has planted. We just have to get ready to answer the questions, or call and be inspired to take the first step, get out those rusty tools…Now is our time to shine!

Getting Query Ready,


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