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Qui Vive

​ Already, this year has been exceptionally trying, but I have chosen to serve and to give out what I need most - an encouraging word. My hope for you all today is that you do not become weary from expecting the good. I am so ready for the harvest that comes after the waiting...… Continue reading Qui Vive

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Chuck Lorre’s Vanity Cards – Life Lessons and More

Never say never while you can still breathe. Don't give up on a dream that still wants to live. I might be late on this bandwagon, but sometime last year, I paused my DVR after an episode of The Big Bang Theory on CBS, like millions have done over the years to read  Chuck Lorre’s… Continue reading Chuck Lorre’s Vanity Cards – Life Lessons and More

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About That Parable of Talents

About that Parable of Talents - People are Depending on Us! I got a message from a family in desperate need and I was so sad that I couldn’t just write out a check for the exact amount to help them out. It got me thinking...how long have I been dancing around the bonfire instead… Continue reading About That Parable of Talents

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Query Ready

I am holding on to this truth that .."my gift makes room for me and brings me before great men and women..." (Prov. 18 v 16 paraphrased) Everyone has a calling, a purpose and sometimes, even when you know exactly what it is, the realization and embrace of our dreams takes longer than anticipated, because it's… Continue reading Query Ready