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God’s Not Dead – This Should NOT be Headline news!

The movie, GOD'S NOT DEAD by Pure Flix Entertainment featuring  Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Shane Harper (Spencer in Disney's Good Luck Charlie), Dean Cain (Superman) and David A.R. White (Jerusalem Countdown) with special appearances by Christian super-band, Newsboys who perform -- God's Not Dead , Willie and Korie of the Duck Dynasty (which I do not watch)  opened… Continue reading God’s Not Dead – This Should NOT be Headline news!

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Activating The Domino Effect in Life

The domino effect is a chain reaction that comes from a small change or action taken. The process of activating the domino effect in life starts by asking the right questions or by having the correct response to opportunities. Isn't it crazy how we never deal with one problem at a time? Domino tiles are… Continue reading Activating The Domino Effect in Life

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Thirty-One Summers and Counting – Poem

Thirty-One Summers and Counting  - Poem by Ama Danesi In your hurry, you left bones behind and the heat of thirty-one summers. Sunset's not the end of time - interrupts the rendezvous of a carved image. I feel your light upon my waters, I know you are in His. I pray your heart healed as… Continue reading Thirty-One Summers and Counting – Poem

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Don’t take the Mark When You Wake Up

Are you counting on your good deeds? Don't hold your breath! If God is the Guy up there, Dude and not Father, or you don't believe or care that He exists or you think Jesus was a good man or prophet and a curse word to make a point,  you are not alone. It's hard to walk… Continue reading Don’t take the Mark When You Wake Up

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Barren Places

Sometime in the month of May, I prayed, "Lord, please keep me from walking in barren places" I am not exactly sure when, but without pain and the sense of loss, I believe the Spirit of God answered that prayer in the sweetest possible way. He supernaturally excised my appetite for worthless, sensationalized TV shows, listening… Continue reading Barren Places