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Born Fearless – Is Fear Holding You Back?

Do you recognize any of this in your life? Phobias, compulsions, perfectionism, fear of failure, procrastination, partial commitments to everything, over-controlling tendencies? If you do, you are not alone. We have forgotten what it was like to be children, how to live in wonder and surprise, how to stumble but get up and take another… Continue reading Born Fearless – Is Fear Holding You Back?

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In Search for Passion and Meaning

When did pelvic thrusts become the measure of excitement and passion? Emoji's are facing stiff (puny, I know) competition from our need to express our approval with virtual grunts. For most of us who work, our weekend schedule can reveal the road map to our passion - a football game, a writing workshop, a crafts… Continue reading In Search for Passion and Meaning

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Visible as Dawn 2 – A Haiku

Another Haiku Friday… Visible as Dawn 2 A Haiku by Ama Danesi The dare of tight coils and obstinate springs, free as air.

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Visible as dawn – A Haiku

I'm all for Haiku Fridays, so here's mine. Visible as dawn by Ama Danesi Pineapple on my head unruly stalks, roots above ground - visible as dawn.   Not a pretty sight but it makes getting dressed in the mornings easier. Inspiration - Natural hair, as in kinks, roots and all. There is both strength… Continue reading Visible as dawn – A Haiku

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The Art of Solitude – Finding Your Creative Space

  Can we create something meaningful and enduring from chaos?  In today's social media hyped world - viral yes, enduring no. I find it easier to start outside then dive into the center and create from that space. That means finding the environment, the space, a ritual, an object that inspires, a scent, music that… Continue reading The Art of Solitude – Finding Your Creative Space