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A Part of Me has Died

We ask a lot of questions, we humans. This gift of speech and language can sometimes seem like a curse. We transitioned seamlessly at the age of two from sweet innocent babies to obnoxious toddlers - if you ask me that's why it is called the terrible twos. The unending quest for answers to everything rages… Continue reading A Part of Me has Died

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Unsightly Edges – A Poem

Unsightly Edges - A Poem By Ama Danesi There's a knock, a hesitant rap on my nape from pain that's testing, peering over my delicate collar-bone for a crack in my steely resolve. My need for more is a palmed heat. I'm done with squatters. He can still smell me in his nostrils. He lingers, a familiar high… Continue reading Unsightly Edges – A Poem