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Stay at Home or Go Home

A lot is going on even though most of the world is on lockdown due to the Coronavirus. This COVID-19 pandemic has required that we face our apparent mortality. Eternity, they say, is in our hearts. We are both conscious and subconscious; agents and witnesses of a sliver of this era. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have dreams,… Continue reading Stay at Home or Go Home


Invitation to Party..

Surprisingly, the checklist and criteria to get in, is rather unimpressive.. it's almost too easy: 1. Cowardly and Fearful 2. Unbelieving 3. Abominable 4. Murderers 5. Sexually Immoral 6. Sorcerers 7. Idolaters 8. Liars This is the revelation - its extremely low standards means you only need ONE attribute to qualify and be ushered in.… Continue reading Invitation to Party..