How Much Longer? Are We There Yet?

How to stay sane until November... I feel like a child in the back seat with two squabbling parents fighting for the steering wheel. I can't ask, "Are we there yet?" So I'm left with - how much longer can we stand this? The fringes of our society have taken hold of their ideological ends… Continue reading How Much Longer? Are We There Yet?

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An Offering to the Wind – A Poem

An Offering to the Wind - A Poem by Ama Danesi. Girl in boots - alone, unafraid. Awaiting the chariot sure, delicate neck arched, an offering to the wind.

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Visible as Dawn 2 – A Haiku

Another Haiku Friday… Visible as Dawn 2 A Haiku by Ama Danesi The dare of tight coils and obstinate springs, free as air.

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Visible as dawn – A Haiku

I'm all for Haiku Fridays, so here's mine. Visible as dawn by Ama Danesi Pineapple on my head unruly stalks, roots above ground - visible as dawn.   Not a pretty sight but it makes getting dressed in the mornings easier. Inspiration - Natural hair, as in kinks, roots and all. There is both strength… Continue reading Visible as dawn – A Haiku