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Born Fearless – Is Fear Holding You Back?

Do you recognize any of this in your life? Phobias, compulsions, perfectionism, fear of failure, procrastination, partial commitments to everything, over-controlling tendencies? If you do, you are not alone. We have forgotten what it was like to be children, how to live in wonder and surprise, how to stumble but get up and take another… Continue reading Born Fearless – Is Fear Holding You Back?

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Living Out The Plan

There's got to be one. A plan that is  - for my life and yours, otherwise why are we still occupying precious space on this crazy earth, breathing without effort. If there was a Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve, a head-strong mother and a wicker basket set among the reeds in the crocodile-ridden… Continue reading Living Out The Plan

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Letting Life Clarify the Can’t

    Letting Life Clarify the Can't. You can't dodge the pain You can't get it right all the time Make a fool out of yourself trying... It's OK. Soon you'll recognize that sinking nudge to run the other direction. You'll get familiar with balls of lead in your mouth, the gravel in your throat.… Continue reading Letting Life Clarify the Can’t

Real Life

Barren Places

Sometime in the month of May, I prayed, "Lord, please keep me from walking in barren places" I am not exactly sure when, but without pain and the sense of loss, I believe the Spirit of God answered that prayer in the sweetest possible way. He supernaturally excised my appetite for worthless, sensationalized TV shows, listening… Continue reading Barren Places