I am orphaned, how I

need my Father near.

This body aches

from the sky draped

on it like a million men.

The waterfall from my

knees grovels endless.


The dollar stretches

permissions, unsecures

inhibitions but has no

model answer to

anquished questions.

Still under armor and

a sustainable savings

program, my heart is for study.



Pale Colored Shoes

Pale colored shoes

I walked into my favorite DSW Shoe store at the Northridge Mall, with a very specific agenda to get new shoes –  black pumps for work. They had to have sturdy two or three-inch heels and be comfortable, as my job involves a bit of walking.

After about two hours of browsing up and down aisles of designer shoes and rummaging the clearance section, these days since I have taken to asking for help under my breath for everything about my life, I quietly asked, “Lord, please show me which shoes to pick.”  I am still learning to ask FIRST instead of after I have exhausted my “superior” intellect and, so far this has been the greatest time management tool for me.

God is omniscient and we have unlimited access to the smartest being in the universe but we are so used to being in control, that we have to work at exercising our faith muscle.
One more thing, He is really interested in EVERY aspect of our lives – big issues, small issues, every minuscule detail, even work shoes! If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally – James 1:5.
So when confused or unsure about anything in your life, ask Him and have confidence, that He will answer. It sometimes isn’t what you were expecting, but it will be what you need.

So back to my shoe hunt, I turned the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. On the counter was this leather ‘Naturalizer’ pale tan pumps, two-inch wooden heels with the cutest pleat design. I had seen them earlier, but because I was so focused on black shoes, I had paid no attention to them.

As I slowly reached out to pick them up, I was thinking, “But Lord, I wanted black shoes.”  Well, as you guessed, they were perfect! Cushy, very pretty and trendy. Until I bought mine, I really didn’t realize how versatile pale shoes were and while He winks, I chuckle when I get compliments on these shoes. Everyone is going pale, I think it’s a very classy, fresh look that is here to stay. Oprah’s magazine even had a feature on ‘No-Fail Pale Shoes and Accessories’  Maybe one of her ‘favorite’ things?

If you think God is boring and out of touch, you are dead wrong – You have hung out with the wrong crowd! Of course, He wants the best for us, we are His living epistles, manifesting His goodness and He gets the glory when we are successful and I will add, attractive!
He will not withhold any good thing from us – Psalm 84:11

I shook my head in awe, knowing that God, who was having a belly laugh on my account that afternoon, was also showing me that I am still the apple of His eyes, that His thoughts towards me are loving, precious, innumerable and uncountable as the sand. That He  knows and understands my thoughts, my needs and is perfectly acquainted with all my ways. (Psalm 139)

Pale colored shoesGod is the greatest Father ever and a fantastic shopper too. When we go out, I get the best deals and favors such as a great parking! He always knows what I need, I am still playing catch up.

This Sunday and the weeks ahead, don’t leave Him at the Church service or ignore the still small voice within. He’ll rather come to your aid than watch you struggle alone.
He says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go” – Psalm 33:8
His real ‘make-over’ is for eternity, because He loves to make us beautiful from within our hearts and souls and everything else, such as cute pale colored shoes are just the perks of  knowing Him as Abba Father.

God is Love,

Barren Places

Barren Places

Sometime in the month of May, I prayed, “Lord, please keep me from walking in barren places”

I am not exactly sure when, but without pain and the sense of loss, I believe the Spirit of God answered that prayer in the sweetest possible way. He supernaturally excised my appetite for worthless, sensationalized TV shows, listening to the talking heads on the endless cycle of cable news, wasting time on celebrity crazed media news, online forums, frivolous distractions and anything that was unproductive.
He essentially replaced my throne of doom and waste – my black leather couch – with an inner hunger for Him, reading, writing, listening to music but most importantly silence and quiet.

My life has totally changed. I am writing more, inspired by just being focused on the right things. I am not the same person I was before May. I look back at the hours I spent especially on the weekends watching re-runs of American’s Next Top Model, The Game, The Kardarshians, Friends, How I met your Mother, House Hunters, Law and Order, Extra Virgin, Say Yes to the Dress, Cake Boss, LisaRaye the real Macoy, the “Housewives” of all the cities represented on TV Land, Good Eats, The best thing I ever ate, How winning the Lottery changed my life, I even snuck in a few episodes of Bad Girls, Holly’s World and Kendra!!

The list is endless but you can certainly see how I wasted every second of my day in barren places! We tend to forget how LOUD the world is with everything screaming for a piece of us that we get swamped with life,  just going through the motions…like zombies and not consciously living.
God engineered us at the core to create and increase. We are not garbage cans for all the unending trash made accessible in the world, media and via technology.

Since I am a believer rooted in the most fertile and flourishing place of God’s grace, there is no excuse for living a barren, fruitless life. I have His covenant-blessing, His word, the anointing, the power in the name and blood of Jesus, the Holy Spirit living in me and the calling of the Father to bear the fruit of miracles, love, peace and joy!

Barren PlacesThe cursed fig tree in the Bible is a picture of an unproductive person. The foliage may look evergreen, but the core is hollow like dead wood.

Our lives can get stagnant in the black hole of unfulfilled dreams, but like the prodigal son, anyone who comes back home will find the Father with arms open wide, waiting on the porch. He squints, searching for a glimpse of any wandering soul. God wants to restore our destiny and redeem any wasted time.

This post about barren places is to remind me and maybe you, to get busy with our lives. Resolve to lay aside distractions, get off the couch and go do something.

Walk your path; Be fruitful and multiply,