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Honoring Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou; April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014. Her website states, "Dr. Maya Angelou is a remarkable Renaissance woman who is hailed as one of the great voices of contemporary literature." She was a poet, author, educator, historian, a mother and mostly a friend whose voice we'll always hear urging us to do better,… Continue reading Honoring Maya Angelou

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Letting Life Clarify the Can’t

    Letting Life Clarify the Can't. You can't dodge the pain You can't get it right all the time Make a fool out of yourself trying... It's OK. Soon you'll recognize that sinking nudge to run the other direction. You'll get familiar with balls of lead in your mouth, the gravel in your throat.… Continue reading Letting Life Clarify the Can’t

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Unsightly Edges – A Poem

Unsightly Edges - A Poem By Ama Danesi There's a knock, a hesitant rap on my nape from pain that's testing, peering over my delicate collar-bone for a crack in my steely resolve. My need for more is a palmed heat. I'm done with squatters. He can still smell me in his nostrils. He lingers, a familiar high… Continue reading Unsightly Edges – A Poem

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Mie’s Gone – A Poem

Mie's Gone - A Poem by Ama Danesi Mie's gone before the rising of the dreaded moon Into your wide open belly, I dive. I sink in the underlying dose of blues. Overhead only radicals fly, Mie's gone but You soothe me - with fingers soft as waves. Inspiration: Without Mie scattering at sunset and sunrise,… Continue reading Mie’s Gone – A Poem

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Thirty-One Summers and Counting – Poem

Thirty-One Summers and Counting  - Poem by Ama Danesi In your hurry, you left bones behind and the heat of thirty-one summers. Sunset's not the end of time - interrupts the rendezvous of a carved image. I feel your light upon my waters, I know you are in His. I pray your heart healed as… Continue reading Thirty-One Summers and Counting – Poem