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The Makeover – A Breakup Ritual

  The Makeover - A Breakup Ritual by Ama Danesi   Does my face hiss like a repellent, will another walk away? One fizzled without reason, another from pity or naiveté described the shroud, darkness over his loins and my face. Shunted, his quiver melted, the promise puddled. His last embrace, like a scorpion's segmented… Continue reading The Makeover – A Breakup Ritual

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Qui Vive

​ Already, this year has been exceptionally trying, but I have chosen to serve and to give out what I need most - an encouraging word. My hope for you all today is that you do not become weary from expecting the good. I am so ready for the harvest that comes after the waiting...… Continue reading Qui Vive

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Silence Breakers – May Willows Surround

Willow Surrounds - Silence Breakers. Time Magazine 2017 Person of the Year.


How Much Longer? Are We There Yet?

How to stay sane until November... I feel like a child in the back seat with two squabbling parents fighting for the steering wheel. I can't ask, "Are we there yet?" So I'm left with - how much longer can we stand this? The fringes of our society have taken hold of their ideological ends… Continue reading How Much Longer? Are We There Yet?

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Couture for Cloud Beings – A Poem

Couture for Cloud Beings - A Poem by Ama Danesi To think I could be invisible relieved from this pall of doom Dressed in a mass of veils - and adorn the skies and drenched in heaven's pearls. To go where divine ball-gowns are made with silver lining corsets, with stitches - the thinnest threads… Continue reading Couture for Cloud Beings – A Poem