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The Servant Leader – Becoming a Solutionary P.1

The Servant Leader - Becoming a "Solutionary" Part 1 What is a servant's heart? To most people, the quintessential servant’s heart is - Mother Teresa and her team of sisters in blue-piped white saris *washing the feet of the poor and sickly in Calcutta, India. An important fact is that on a train ride in… Continue reading The Servant Leader – Becoming a Solutionary P.1

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Waiters, Seasons and Unexpected Tranquility

Here's a thought, dreaming takes no effort. Anyone can plop their heads on a pillow at night and dream without a license. No-one should begrudge your precious bucket-list and if people close to you do, lose them as friends. When we are awake and basking in the sun, (assuming you live in California) or lost on a… Continue reading Waiters, Seasons and Unexpected Tranquility