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Silence Breakers – May Willows Surround

Willow Surrounds - Silence Breakers. Time Magazine 2017 Person of the Year.

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Giving to Live

“They throw caution to the winds, Giving…in reckless abandon. Their right-living, right-giving ways, never run out, never wear out.”* There are primarily two ways of administering our gifts to the world, as a matter of enthusiastic generosity or as a grudging obligation. Which defines your posture? Honestly, that's about all we can control. I often… Continue reading Giving to Live

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The Only Truth Worth Telling.

"Truth is such a rare thing; it is delightful to tell it." Emily Dickinson. This week the San Bernardino shooting made us pause and hunch over for just a moment to dig beneath the shiny objects shoved in our faces. Here in LA, the fame monster has subtly terrorized our psyche and lulled us into… Continue reading The Only Truth Worth Telling.