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Stay at Home or Go Home

A lot is going on even though most of the world is on lockdown due to the Coronavirus. This COVID-19 pandemic has required that we face our apparent mortality. Eternity, they say, is in our hearts. We are both conscious and subconscious; agents and witnesses of a sliver of this era. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have dreams,… Continue reading Stay at Home or Go Home

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Who is Clarence Avant – The Black Godfather?

Who is Clarence Avant - The Black GodFather? And Why Should We Care? Reginald Hudlin produced and directed the Netflix documentary, The Black Godfather (2019) which chronicles the unusual path to power, influence, and the weightiness of Clarence Avant. In a culture obsessed with fame and celebrity, and in the ruthless business of television, film, music,… Continue reading Who is Clarence Avant – The Black Godfather?

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Extraordinary Love -The Path to Personal Development.

  "Extraordinary love flows from those who do their life's work." AD A few years ago, when I took an intensive HarvardX edX course called Immunity to Change™, I was so surprised by the emphasis on love in the introductory lecture by Drs. Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey that I paused the video and rechecked… Continue reading Extraordinary Love -The Path to Personal Development.

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Silence Breakers – May Willows Surround

Willow Surrounds - Silence Breakers. Time Magazine 2017 Person of the Year.

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Giving to Live

“They throw caution to the winds, Giving…in reckless abandon. Their right-living, right-giving ways, never run out, never wear out.”* There are primarily two ways of administering our gifts to the world, as a matter of enthusiastic generosity or as a grudging obligation. Which defines your posture? Honestly, that's about all we can control. I often… Continue reading Giving to Live