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I Hate Wednesdays


I really need Wednesdays deleted from my week, and I would be just fine.
It was usually our date night: nice dinner, wine, hot tub and mood music….this might be weird, but he likes good old Barry or Sinatra playing in the background during dinner. It’s just my opinion, but I think Barry White  is:

1. Over-played
2. Not classy and full of blatant innuendoes
3. Cheesy
4. A sad reminder that his voice is no way close to that knee-buckling, heart-palpitating baritone.

So we stayed with Sinatra, sometimes throwing in a little Kenny G or Maxwell.
Sigh – there, I have given away my age. We have not had a romantic Wednesday since the royal engagement. Is there a correlation – Did Diana’s (Now Kate’s) sapphire ring with the fourteen diamonds, suck up all the romance in the air?

I am definitely NOT staying up all night on Friday to watch the wedding, I have been there, that is – down the aisle and look where I have ended up. Starving tonight, because he forgot, again, to pick up or order take-out dinner, mad because he ignored my obvious annoyance at his tardiness and here I am, awake and writing this post, because I think a bulldozer invaded my bedroom.

I hate WednesdaysI probably will end up eating either a bowl of cereal or oats with almonds, because I typically don’t cook on Wednesdays. That’s one of the many reasons, I looked forward to this particular day of the week in the past.
How do I cut this day from my life? I really hope the light from my laptop screen wakes him up, if not, you can bet that I will be eating my cereal and loudly smacking my lips.

I think God gives you a mate that knows how to both really annoy and love you. Why the extremes? Why the bipolar range of affection? This date night arrangement  ceases tonight. Maybe, if I don’t have the pressure of anticipation, then it would be like any other night of the week and I can make myself dinner, watch TV and be in bed by ten o’clock.
This would be a good time for the we-have-to-talk , the dreaded “state of the union” conversation.

Either way, I have resolved not to have another angry night.
Thank God there is a tomorrow and it’s not Wednesday.




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