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A Part of Me has Died

We ask a lot of questions, we humans. This gift of speech and language can sometimes seem like a curse. We transitioned seamlessly at the age of two from sweet innocent babies to obnoxious toddlers - if you ask me that's why it is called the terrible twos. The unending quest for answers to everything rages… Continue reading A Part of Me has Died

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From Beautiful Offerings – My Story

To tell you my story is to tell of Him and the kindness and grace that draws me in.

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The Only Truth Worth Telling.

"Truth is such a rare thing; it is delightful to tell it." Emily Dickinson. This week the San Bernardino shooting made us pause and hunch over for just a moment to dig beneath the shiny objects shoved in our faces. Here in LA, the fame monster has subtly terrorized our psyche and lulled us into… Continue reading The Only Truth Worth Telling.

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An Even Better Story

I had envisioned telling a very different story this morning but this is the one that unfolded. Today was a particularly windy California morning and I raced home down Balboa Boulevard in my gleaming, silver car anticipating some hot French roast coffee, when from my peripheral vision I caught the sight of what looked like… Continue reading An Even Better Story

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Facing December

Facing December head on...this gimper staring back at me will be okay.