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Financial Milestones For Your Child: Age-by-Age Guide

Financial Milestones For Your Child: Age-by-Age Guide How Do We Teach Our Children about Money?  Setting and tracking financial milestones for your child is as important as the physical development milestones we track with the pediatrician or the growth marks on our kitchen post because early money skills such as savings, budgeting and planning for… Continue reading Financial Milestones For Your Child: Age-by-Age Guide

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Boarding School Days at Feddy

“Hey! you in that yellow dress...come here. Don’t make me chase you!” Somewhere in my peripheral vision, I could see someone pointing at me and gesturing wildly. These were the times I wished I could be a ghost, a phantom, a whisper or  any kind of unseen being in boarding school. My yellow-checked day dress… Continue reading Boarding School Days at Feddy

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Thank You, Mom!

I know, today is not Mother's Day and I am not trying to toot my horn here, but as I was getting my son ready for school last week, and this incredible wave of love stirred me...and got me thinking about someone who loves me forever, someone always concerned about me. And I had to… Continue reading Thank You, Mom!