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Thank You, Mom!

thumbnail.aspxI know, today is not Mother’s Day and I am not trying to toot my horn here, but as I was getting my son ready for school last week, and this incredible wave of love stirred me…and got me thinking about someone who loves me forever, someone always concerned about me. And I had to pause, blow her a kiss and say “Thank you, Mom

Just like I considered, while helping him get dressed today, she must have also had the same recurring thought, “Is this cute enough?”.  She had her hands full, with four girls and a boy to primp! I want my son to look loved and cared for everyday, whether it’s a field trip or simply another day in Mrs. P’s  3rd grade class, so it’s no coincidence that he is the cutest boy in the class pictures and one of the smartest too.

It’s the little things… like  I know he likes beans, so I make a sauce for him to go with it, instead of  drab canned beans. This seems trivial, but a mother’s mind addresses every minuscule detail and my Mom’s love set the standard and example to follow.

She made my siblings and I feel that we mattered and validated each of us uniquely. Mom made us personal T-shirts, with inscriptions as “Future Hope” , “Sweet One” , “Angel” , “Blessed” and so on, call it corny….all I know she was speaking into our future.

Maybe, somehow she knew her time would be short here on earth, even though I was eight when I got my first t-shirt, that hot weekend afternoon was one of my fondest childhood memories. I write to evoke a smile from her in the heavens, she did not live out the fullness of her destiny, but I can and with each word, I am paving my path and making her proud.

I am often marvel at how incredibly brave the motherless are,  we are specially blessed who have experienced the heartbeat of a mother’s love, the safe anchor in the always open arms, the warmth in her ever watchful gaze, which lights up, as we step into the room. Our consummate master at channeling love, while saying , “No”. Her unconditional acceptance stems from carrying a gift that is never fully unwrapped even after nine months of pregnancy.

The one who sees your cracked lips and reaches into her purse for a lip balm, and even when you are all grown up, still grooms you – straightening your tie, picking out gunk from every accessible crevice. She is your exclusive chef, noting your favorite meals, your first-aid nurse, the front-row seat witness and comfort at all your heart breaks.  And when grace gives you a blessing or an award, we hear the enduring refrain, “Thank you, this is for you, Mom” and if she has passed on, grown men cry , “If only she could see me now….”

In Psalms 20:10, the orphan-spirit plight is forever settled, as David by faith declares  that “When my father and my mother forsakes me, then the LORD will take care of  me” So He has been your EL SHADDAI , God Almighty, All Sufficient. As one of  the Hebrew names of God, this also translates to the many breasted One or of the womb, invoking the mother-image or female of God and His complete sufficiency to nurture and nourish. He expresses love, comfort, tenderness and care to whoever reaches out and that’s why grace smiles on you.

Thank You MomMotherhood is the highest calling of a woman’s life..and not necessarily with your biological child, and it should not matter if your mother didn’t or couldn’t fulfill her own calling,  if you have ever spoken truth in the darkness, ever dreamed greatness and joy for someone else,  denied your pride and self for another’s good, comforted a pain you didn’t cause, rejoiced for gain that wasn’t yours, or simply listened, been a comfort and an inspiration to someone else, then you have answered the sacred call to birth life into seeds that needed nurturing to blossom.

So all over the world, Thank you Mothers. Thank you Mother Teresa , Oprah and my big sister, Itumi.

I read my handmade sign at the head of my son’s bed that says, “Genius!” and know that I am in some way, fulfilling my role as seer, prophet and most importantly, mother.  I am grateful to have learnt from one of the very best. Her name is “Imah” translated “love” in the Annang language. So, Mom – this is for you…. I hope I made you smile today.

Thank You, God.
Thank You, Love.
Thank You, Mom.

With Gratitude,



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