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In the Middle

In the Middle Do you suppose there is a hush in heaven with all the chaos here below? We are some distance from each other and the end. We are somewhere in the middle, and hope is a faithful companion for the miles ahead. We can each decide how to view this season - are… Continue reading In the Middle

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Waiters, Seasons and Unexpected Tranquility

Here's a thought, dreaming takes no effort. Anyone can plop their heads on a pillow at night and dream without a license. No-one should begrudge your precious bucket-list and if people close to you do, lose them as friends. When we are awake and basking in the sun, (assuming you live in California) or lost on a… Continue reading Waiters, Seasons and Unexpected Tranquility

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In My World – In Awe of Seasons

In My World  (A Modified Quatern) by Ama Danesi In my world, there are no doors. I’m the chime, pressed through crowned walls, swinging by chandeliers and gates that twirl and clang with glee. I don’t care about my color, much less yours. In my world,  the heart matters. Hope yours leaps to recognize mine… Continue reading In My World – In Awe of Seasons