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In My World – In Awe of Seasons

In my world
In awe of seasons – golden tree leaves on my street.

In My World  (A Modified Quatern)

by Ama Danesi

In my world, there are no doors.
I’m the chime, pressed through crowned walls,
swinging by chandeliers and gates
that twirl and clang with glee.

I don’t care about my color, much less yours.
In my world,  the heart matters.
Hope yours leaps to recognize mine when
it nods to say, you’re here and I see you.

In dread of snowflakes, in awe of golden leaves,
who’s tracking my leftover thanks?
In my world, there is no end
only beginnings that swallow seasons.

I just gulped a whole year –
Happy Birthday to me.
In my world, it’s seasoned with salt.


*Edgar Allan Poe


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