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Born Fearless – Is Fear Holding You Back?

Do you recognize any of this in your life? Phobias, compulsions, perfectionism, fear of failure, procrastination, partial commitments to everything, over-controlling tendencies? If you do, you are not alone. We have forgotten what it was like to be children, how to live in wonder and surprise, how to stumble but get up and take another… Continue reading Born Fearless – Is Fear Holding You Back?

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The Foolishness of Nature Worship

Reflections of a royal philosopher - The Foolishness of Nature Worship.

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The Aftermath – What Remains?

  The shaking is intended for certain heartbreak and our fainting. How do we deal with the aftermath?  The consequences of a significant unpleasant event lingers like a bitter aftertaste. It is the rumble left behind when our foundations are jolted out of alignment by an unexpected earthquake. It is when embedded chains even invisible to… Continue reading The Aftermath – What Remains?

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Facing December

Facing December head on...this gimper staring back at me will be okay.

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Lessons from Playing Monopoly – When the Game is Over

A few weeks ago, I spent an entire Sunday afternoon playing monopoly with my son and before he rolled the dice, I said, "Honey, remember  you are already valuable, it's not what you have that determines your worth. Ok? " Well, I could have saved my breath because he was completely and irrationally obsessed with acquiring every… Continue reading Lessons from Playing Monopoly – When the Game is Over