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Hanging out with Ellen

How do I get my partner to go with me to see the Ellen Degeneres show? That has been my dilemma , since I got my guaranteed seats notice in the mail this week.

I would go in a heart beat to watch any testosterone charged, sweaty, ball game. Even in awful weather and try not to complain about those uncomfortable seats, I loved  sharing those  experiences and seeing that unbridled side of him – loud, crass and a total crazy fan.

Do I like sports? Absolutely not!  I prefer a climate controlled arena, cushy seats,usually perfumed neighbors and the possibility that I might walk away with something more expensive than my DVD/VHS combo player. Yes… I want an upgrade.

An upgrade in my so far mundane California adventures. My days typically consist of schools runs, working without a defined lunch break, dinner and TV. I was complaining to a colleague, when a lightbulb went off…BURBANK !

Who goes to Burbank ? Me ! Convenient escapism, I could in less than twenty minutes, zip down the freeway, be part of a fabulous experience , listen to guests and celebrities whose lives are definitely more interesting than mine, get very well rewarded for my time with Ellen and at the end of the day have  a huge grin on my face while fixing dinner 🙂

I really want to share my girly experience with my man, just want him to tag along me for a change, but he does not even want to discuss it. Is there some macho honcho embargo that I am not aware off ?  Well, I will go anyway, but it will be rather lonely at the waiting lines, so I am going to take my iPod, a great book, some snacks and basically hang out with myself, till I see Ellen.

Just a note to you guys out there, when your girl invites you into her world, her unspoken wish is friendship . Come on, hang out and be a friend.



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