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Blogged my way into a date

I tried something new this time, and it worked!

I am realizing the power of the pen or keyboard or touchscreen. Whichever way you get the words out without actually talking, makes blogging is a very  effective ‘kvetching’ forum.

I griped on my blog instead of nagging my guy. (Hint: Girls you should try this) This worked on so many levels, it spared us the arguments, guilt trips and helped me articulate the reasons , I thought he should go on the Ellen show with me.  Most importantly, blogging made me seem smart, cool and even though he wouldn’t admit to reading my super blog, it made him want to spend time with this other me!

So, he changed his mind and today, we had a fun date. Laughing, dancing and thoroughly enjoying each other…details later , but I needed to send a shout out to my blog…  YOU ROCK !



2 thoughts on “Blogged my way into a date

  1. Am loving this 100% I enjoy yr style of writing,its leaves a smile on your face after reading and also food for thots. Luv ya


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