GPS to Heaven

imagesLet’s face it, most people are oblivious to the fact that something actually happens after we die. Should someone start selling Eternal Adventures Packages? The entire world population will be needing one, at some point in life.
So why don’t we want to explore that? We GPS or map quest our route to everywhere else but Heaven.

Here is a hard fact…It is appointed for all to die once…for those believing in reincarnation, sorry! It is ridiculous to think that you were once either a toad or a rat.

I know, some beliefs offer the once in a lifetime chance; of being a monarch butterfly, regal, beautiful and alive for five to six weeks, except of course, you were one of the “Methuselah generation monarchs” then you had seven to eight months! It’s strange that those memories of past ‘lives’ are not intact, you would have definitely remembered the migration flight, flying from Canada and America to overwinter in coastal southern California to the trans-volcanic mountains of central Mexico.Wow!
Judging by our sometimes stinking attitudes, do we all have a residual DNA of a toad , did any of you have more leaf pads than others , did you have a weight problem because you had more access to sumptuous organic flies, due to your unique advantage of location?

I don’t know which is worse, blinded by ignorance or stubbornly refusing to seek out the truth. Either way, that person ends up with a pretty bad deal. I should buy a bumper sticker that screams “Hell Stinks!!”

You can start the journey by a very simple dare… “OK, if Heaven exists and You are real, God you have to show me” This typically results in ;the classic show and tell preschool game..because once you see, you can’t help but tell.

So what if you then, have to recalculate or recalibrate your route, you do it anyway when you miss your turn driving all over the city. He is infinitely patient and will get you back on course, His love is relentless and absolutely nothing surprises Him.

If He could use all those twisted people in the Bible, We all stand a chance to get to our destination, not overly battered by life.

So today, when you set your GPS to go somewhere new, think about this…I live, I breathe, I could die someday and then what?

By Faith,



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