The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God”  

(Psalms 14 v.1)

“Whoever hates me (Jesus), also hates my Father (God)

(John 15 v. 23)

Gotcha!  This is exactly where the devil wants you. Thinking and believing that there is no God or rejecting His son, Jesus.

It’s even worse if you believe that there is a God , but you have chosen YOUR way to Him. If you argued with an executive secretary at work, but now you need to see the Director for a personal favor. What would you do? If protocol requires that secretary make all appointments, wouldn’t you go buy some flowers or apologize in some way? I doubt any of us would think that we don’t need the secretary but instead find the janitor – he also has access, after all.

People wonder at the gnawing emptiness that drugs, alcohol and other vices can never fully satisfies. God is not playing a hide and seek game with people who have not accepted His way and plan of salvation. The way through Jesus is so simple, yet profound. You really have to work hard at drowning in the Dead Sea. This is not rocket science – don’t make it complicated. In Genesis, God said, “Let “us” make man in “our” likeness.” God and the Son created the heavens and the earth, desiring a relationship with us.

We  all lost our way and God sent His Son to show us how to live and find the way back home, Jesus paid the price for all our shortfalls, past, present and future. So that in Him, when we repent, we are completely forgiven and the relationship is restored.

I am a mom, and I take the life entrusted to me very seriously. I had grown up around church, but the lure of the world was too hard to resist, so I was not committed. However, things changed when I was pregnant with my son, I knew that I had to draw on His grace to make sure that this gift of life returns home to its Creator and during my second trimester, I re-dedicated my life and got back on the way.

I really do not know why you would choose to go through this life, accepting half-truths, lies about God and Jesus. We all have a measure of faith and we exercise this everyday. We have more faith on a bar stool or chair than in God? We see a chair and simply sit, expecting it to hold up our weight without checking or showing any form of hesitation. I was talking to a woman about this earlier today and the excuses were borderline ridiculous. This may shock you, but there are real historical documents that prove the crucifixion and existence of Jesus, and the borrowed grave is now a tourist attraction…it’s empty, because He is alive. No other religion has a living mediator.

Do something radical and different this week: Walk into the nearest church in your neighborhood, buy or download the bible and read the book of John, watch a Christian Channel on TV or online – there are so many resources on TBN, INSP, Daystar, Church Channel, CBN, JCTV and so on. Make an informed decision by checking out the facts about Jesus.
God has waited all your life to have a relationship with you, even if you are mad at Him for something in your past, Confront Him, you know , He can take it and can turn around every hurt or pain, because He gives us “beauty for our ashes” but you have to give Him the chance and stop running away.

Don’t fall into that gaping pit and don’t give the devil the chance to say…Gotcha! Fool!

God is Love,


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