Women..we kind of run this thing!

There is a severe dearth of grown-ups in homes, in politics, in the workplace..except of course, when a woman is in charge.

In American politics, we have the men, all up in the uterus, still having no clue, what goes on in there. The fact that these governors, representatives and senators safely incubated in one for about nine months, makes them no experts on womb affairs.

We should have placards, that read  “Your nine month lease has expired….Stay out!”

This November, women are gearing up for a different thing of “pushing”.

Gosh. I wish we could play back a day in the life of  “Josh”
Where did the hunk at the office or sports bar disappear to? At home, he becomes needy, wimpy, sulky…. not a good look, guys.

Sometimes, I am thankful,  I am not the needy one…I often wonder, how did I get this strong?

I look at my life, I marvel at how much I carry on these too-broad-for-a lady shoulders; the children, school issues, home budget and bills, manage the house and meals, holidays, the in-laws….and yet I can still be hushed for singing too loud in the shower or for stumping my big-boned feet too hard while dancing in the kitchen.

For the record, I am not overweight..not even chubby. I am just cute and cuddly, except in the dreaded mid-section.

Women. We are something. We really can do it all – Some of us are already making it all happen.

God has an incredible sense of humor, He made men so full of testosterone, hindering common sense and strategic thinking, intuition, life management of anything, except encased in a box or receptacle.

Most men cannot in the real sense, “think outside the box” ….they can only deal with stuff that comes with manuals, rules and protocols. So give them the corner glass office, the 60 inch screen television, cars, cuban cigars, case of cold beer, sports, stadiums, basket ball courts, bars and pool tables, Men’s warehouse etc.

If you want to see the unravelling of a man, while he is watching the NBA play-offs, just ask him to help put the baby to bed…Ha!

These days nothing surprises me..when I walk in later to check on the baby, the Mozart lullaby is loud, his teddy is still in the cot and my precious child is in shock!  Startled, not sure whether to cry his eyes out or scream, “Ridiculous!!” at the botched attempt to soothe him to sleep.Yep! Thanks to Mozart, his brain will eventually be reprogrammed to make the right decisions.

Anyway, you can tell today was a long day.

Thank God, my boss is a woman. I will be enjoying my day at work tomorrow.

We need more women involved in the boardrooms, politics and the public services…let’s get out there and really run this thing!

Pumps and Power,



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