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Life is Full and In Between

Life is Full and In Between - A Poem by Ama Danesi A full day of will and grace. The empty tank and the ten-dollar bill draws our eyes up to inscribe hoops on tear-stained heavens. The extra virgin's cry is heard and mine is, a tad muffled. Unwrap life's suffocating gift, or stay terrified of… Continue reading Life is Full and In Between

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Why I Wanted Bangs

Why I Wanted Bangs Walking out of the grocery store, out of my peripheral vision I spotted her. Cute in a mud colored shorts and white silky tie shirt, not sure what she had on her feet, but it was the hair that stopped me dead cold. She had on bangs. She looked just like… Continue reading Why I Wanted Bangs


Women..we kind of run this thing!

There is a severe dearth of grown-ups in homes, in politics, in the workplace..except of course, when a woman is in charge. In American politics, we have the men, all up in the uterus, still having no clue, what goes on in there. The fact that these governors, representatives and senators safely incubated in one for about… Continue reading Women..we kind of run this thing!

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Barren Places

Sometime in the month of May, I prayed, "Lord, please keep me from walking in barren places" I am not exactly sure when, but without pain and the sense of loss, I believe the Spirit of God answered that prayer in the sweetest possible way. He supernaturally excised my appetite for worthless, sensationalized TV shows, listening… Continue reading Barren Places