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Life is Full and In Between

Life is Full and In between

Life is Full and In Between – A Poem
by Ama Danesi

A full day of will and grace.
The empty tank and the ten-dollar bill
draws our eyes up to inscribe
hoops on tear-stained heavens.
The extra virgin’s cry is heard
and mine is, a tad muffled.

Unwrap life’s suffocating gift,
or stay terrified of fear.
I look into your eyes
as they close on a whisper.
Stranded in the space between the urge
to choke and letting go of self.

A finger curls up beckoning &
it will straighten in a minute to accuse.
Why do fingers span wide to accept the ring,
when only one fills the space between our hearts?
And still, you are mine. Still, we hover
between the sparkle and the dross.


“Release heaven by living fully on earth.” Mark Nepo.


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