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Man with Womb

Man with Womb

Today, only wall sockets

are bold enough to stare back.

Faithful like peep holes who warn

of shadows, passing and still.

My strong thighs suggest –

you not trespass.

Savage with glossy lips to control the

pride. You think you do…I know.

I am the striding force

I am the knowing wink

My words escape, swiftly, empowered.

Like cracked up, jacked up clay, pulverized

into the pieces my mind envisions.

Draped in clarity, beneath these bars of

stinking flesh, I am neither one of

man or woman

Wisdom extended a womb, so heavy

it crushed my heart.

Cherubim with flaming swords on guard

against the naked returning into it.

Stronger than pulsating biceps,

Pulled taut and steamed by the

heat between strong thighs, I rise.

This day, I am the strength bearing

womb and the wounds.



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