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Who is Clarence Avant – The Black Godfather?

Who is Clarence Avant - The Black GodFather? And Why Should We Care? Reginald Hudlin produced and directed the Netflix documentary, The Black Godfather (2019) which chronicles the unusual path to power, influence, and the weightiness of Clarence Avant. In a culture obsessed with fame and celebrity, and in the ruthless business of television, film, music,… Continue reading Who is Clarence Avant – The Black Godfather?

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Qui Vive

​ Already, this year has been exceptionally trying, but I have chosen to serve and to give out what I need most - an encouraging word. My hope for you all today is that you do not become weary from expecting the good. I am so ready for the harvest that comes after the waiting...… Continue reading Qui Vive

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Grace for Our Moments in the New Year.

For all our moments in this blessed new year, I pray for grace and wisdom that’s beyond ourselves. We seek the True North. Happy New Year!!🎆

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This is Going to Hurt

This is how I know my brain is functioning optimally - I might be inspired but find that I lack that the motivation to do anything other than shopping, browsing, and surviving another day. However, today, I'm doing more than just survive - my laptop is open, and my words are blowing free as the… Continue reading This is Going to Hurt

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Extraordinary Love -The Path to Personal Development.

  "Extraordinary love flows from those who do their life's work." AD A few years ago, when I took an intensive HarvardX edX course called Immunity to Change™, I was so surprised by the emphasis on love in the introductory lecture by Drs. Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey that I paused the video and rechecked… Continue reading Extraordinary Love -The Path to Personal Development.