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Marching Past The White House

Sixty percent of Americans and billions across the world spent the last few months of President Barack Obama's tenure in the posture of a 'Standing O.' Accolades have poured in from all nooks and crannies for the leader and man he remained over the last eight years. For his first night back as a private… Continue reading Marching Past The White House

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This New America and Other Random Thoughts

When your child's school leaves a recorded voice message, offering counseling sessions and use of their Office of Human Relations and Equity to support meaningful conversations and concerns that you or your child may have, following a presidential election, you know that this is not normal. When the district superintendent follows up with yet another… Continue reading This New America and Other Random Thoughts

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The Art of Tart

  Tart - severe, sharp, biting, acrimonious. This year so far has been one for taking life's lemons and making some very pricey lemonade. Beyoncé and Jay-Z's alleged Betty-with-the-good-hair problem has given them millions of dollars; Gwen Stefani has made us like Blake Shelton again and my favorite yogurt, Liberté has gone organic. You know… Continue reading The Art of Tart


How Much Longer? Are We There Yet?

How to stay sane until November... I feel like a child in the back seat with two squabbling parents fighting for the steering wheel. I can't ask, "Are we there yet?" So I'm left with - how much longer can we stand this? The fringes of our society have taken hold of their ideological ends… Continue reading How Much Longer? Are We There Yet?

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Martin Luther King Jr. | The Kingdom – Free at Last?

The Kingdom - Free At Last - A Poem by Ama Danesi If this was not about life and death, it would be funny to play the 'find the odd one' in the sea of faces and tally wasted chances to speak up and make some noise. Voice of words opened up a dreamer's heart,… Continue reading Martin Luther King Jr. | The Kingdom – Free at Last?