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Loving His Passion and His Body.

valentine-185944_640, Loving His Passion and His Body

Loving His Passion and His Body.

Love is here, there and everywhere!
We burrow deep into our dusty lockers, to find the rose-colored glasses that’s needed to bear this Valentine Day. To love another human, (especially one who shares your body) is an almost impossible quest.

If you think you are in love…think again. Most of us are in love with HOW our partner makes us feel. How in love are you when you are upset? This day reminds us of the benefit of curbing the urge to kill that “person” winking at you when they goof badly.
Sure the guy (or gal) is so-fine-he-blows-my-mind  but what about what they did just last week?

There is a lot of frustration and resentment in loving a human is because some people refuse to grow. Even those who are forward-thinking and vision-minded still cannot grow at your pace. We all come out of life’s birth canals in our different and unique pace. The pangs you feel is because while you are evolving, they cannot reach you.

Loving His Passion and His Body

I hope we cling to the passion and to the one who loved us enough to offer his body. He left it hanging on the cross till love’s mission was accomplished and it wasn’t the nails that kept Him there, LOVE DID.
He could have come down at any minute, but He saw the joy of us running to Him, when we are in pain, in grief or just when we want to snuggle up and His love for you and me kept him there.

I am grateful for the love from family and the people in my life and I am happy to add my few dollars to the billions spent by the world on chocolates, perfumes, dinner and rose flowers for loved ones today. But I know that without my Lord, Jesus who first loved me passionately, deeply and unconditionally… and is forever smitten with my smile, I could not love them back.



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